I am most happy to give you some background on why I think you are an excellent agent and why any client would be fortunate to have you working for them.

Experience.  Kelley, you have been with us for nearly 15 years and this is important.  During the last 10years the real estate business has changed quite dramatically and you like other experienced agents in our office, have lived through these changes in our business.  This has given you a variety of skill sets to draw from for your clients.  You have always impressed me with your attention to detail and since each sales contract in today's world is more complex than even just a few years ago, a client is best served by an agent that is experienced, knows what to expect and pays attention to the little things.

The Client is First.  I personally think you are one of the hardest working agents we have on our staff.  You do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to see that your client receives good and timely information and is put in the best negotiating position.  This is critical and is one of your best traits.  

Team Approach.  One of the reasons I think most clients and agents are attracted to our office is the fact that we are a family-owned, locally operated business with close connections to our salespersons.  I have been a broker since 1970 and I opened David Lyng RE in 1980 with about 4 salespersons.  Today we have 5 offices ranging from Carmel to Santa Cruz and a working knowledge of the entire Monterey Bay area.  I am always available either in person or via cell phone with any salesperson (or their clients) that would like to reach out to me for an opinion or advice.  I pride myself on always staying in touch with business advances - I have been a Director for the California Association of Realtors for over 40 years.  I have chaired several major committees and I make it a point to go to the state directors' meetings very regularly.  I was in San Diego just last week for a meeting.

My point is, I stay in touch, you  stay in touch and together with our marketing and transaction coordinators, we give clients a team effort; either as a buyer looking for a property in this competitive market or as a seller wanting to achieve a fair price in the shortest time frame.  Buying or selling real estate today requires the best and most current information so there are no surprises and it absolutely takes a skilled, top agent and a “village” for support.

Please let me know if you or your clients have any specific questions or other concerns.  I wish them the very best results in whatever may be their real estate needs.

Warm regards,

David Lyng
Direct cell: 831-234-6000